Friday, July 1, 2011

Q: Do you know how many U.S. cities and towns are named Independence, or named after George Washington?

A: Quite a few!

We've been busy creating the most comprehensive and 
most accurate list online. (Thank you, Rand McNally maps.) 
If we've missed your town, please let us know so we can add it!

Cities named Independence: 
The Declaration of Independence (White House Archives)
East Independence, Missouri
Independence, Alabama
Independence, California
Independence, Indiana
Independence, Illinois
Independence, Iowa
Independence, Kansas
Independence, Kentucky
Independence, Louisiana
Independence, Michigan
Independence, Minnesota (West of Duluth)
Independence, Minnesota (West of St. Paul)
Independence, Mississippi
Independence, Missouri
Independence, New Jersey

Independence, New York
Independence, Ohio
Independence, Oklahoma
Independence, Oregon
Independence, Pennsylvania
Independence, Tenessee
Independence, Texas
Independence, Virginia
Independence, West Virginia
Independence, Wisconsin
Independence Corner, New Jersey
Independence Hill, Indiana
Mount Independence, Pennsylvania
Point Independence,  Massachusetts
West Independence, Ohio

Cities and towns named after George Washington:
If we've missed anyone, just let us know!
Photo of President Washington courtesy of

George Washington, Grant Co., Washington

George Washington Village, Virginia

Georgetown, Delaware

Georgetown, Georgia

Georgetown, Illinois

Georgetown, Indiana

Georgetown, Kentucky

Georgetown, Massachusetts

Georgetown, Michigan

Georgetown, Ohio

Georgetown, Pennsylvania

Georgetown, South Carolina

Georgetown, Texas

Port Washington, New York

Port Washington, Wisconsin

Washington, Connecticut

Washington DC


Washington, Illinois

Washington, Indiana

Washington, Iowa

Washington, Kansas

Washington,  Massachusetts

Washington Township, Michigan

Washington, Missouri

Washington, New Hampshire

Washington, New Jersey

Washington, North Carolina

Washington, Pennsylvania

Washington, Ohio

Washington Court House, Ohio

Washington Crossing, NJ

Washington's Crossing, Pennsylvania

Washington Terrace, Utah

Washingtonville, New York

Washingtonville, Pennsylvania

Washington Center, Indiana

Washington Center, Missouri

Washington Camp, Arizona

Washington Corner, Virginia

Washington Corners, New Jersey

Washington Township, New Jersey

The map below ...

The map is of the British Empire in North America prior to the Revolution (c. 1732). The map is made by the well-known and well-respected London cartographer and engraver Herman Moll. Moll based his maps on other people's work (a common practice of the day) so the accuracy could vary. The maps, however, are copper engravings and the care in the work is self-evident. 

This Map of the English Empire, made the year he died, includes the colonies, Jamestown, and the five Iroquois nations. (Map courtesy of 
Moll map of the British Empire, c. 1732 (Map:


  1. Georgetown, Indiana, was named for George Waiz, not George Washington.

  2. The Town of Washington, Maine was incorporated in 1811 with the name Putnam. However, in 1825, the town voted to change the name to Washington in honor of the first president of the U.S.
    Submitted by C Henderson, Washington (Maine) Historical Society.