Monday, May 21, 2012

Make a Flag Bouquet!

Flag bouquet with 3 sizes of flags.
Want to make a flag bouquet? 

It's easy. We promise.

There are two basic types of flag bouquets: the bud vase technique (flag in vase) and a blossoming bouquet of flags. We're calling this The Martha and naming it after First Lady Martha Washington.


Style #1: The Bud Vase Technique
The bud vase technique takes as few as one or as many as 3-4 of our smallest stick flags and simply displays them in a small vase or even a pencil holder.
Flag in a champagne flute

That's it. Simple and cheerful. The bud vase technique is great for a side table or desk.

If you take a champagne flute and add some confetti, shreds of mylar, or even curled ribbon along with a single stick flag, it's a great addition to individual place settings. 


Style #2:
The Martha Washington Flag Bouquet
There are two secrets to a full flag bouquet and here they are:

1) Use a planter, not a vase because flags are full, big things and vases don't really work that well. We tried. We tried a lot. Let us save you the time. Get a planter.

2) Use a planter that is oval or rectangular. Round looks too confined unless it is large, over 14" in diameter. The flags want to spread out and wave so they really need the room. The planter we used is 16" wide and 6" high.

Choosing a filler
 We suggest filling the planter with styrofoam, or using a large, solid styrofoam center piece that you surround with dry rice or beans. The rice or beans are good for sticking the small flags into. The large, centerpiece of styrofoam is necessary for holding up the larger flags so nothing tips.

The traditional crossed flag design
Arranging the flags
Start with an outside ring of small stick flags. The 4"x6-8" stick flags work the best for this. We used 16 of these small stick flags but figure a minimum of 12 would be necessary to really make it look full. 

All you need to do is place the smallest flags into the styrofoam base but take a little care! Once styrofoam has holes in it, it can weaken. If you use a thick bed of dry rice or beans, you will be able to stick the flags in and not worry about this. If you use styrofoam, just be careful.

For the 2nd layer of flags, we used 4 8"x12" stick flags. We used them in pairs with each pair in the traditional crossed flag pattern, similar to the letter "X". This worked well in our oval planter as well as in a rectangular one.

For a finishing touch, we wanted a topper so we used 1 large 12"x18" stick flag in the center. Now you are done!

As an option ...
As an option, you can simply stand 3-4 8"x12" flags upright and still use a single, large 12"x18" stick flag in the center.

We'd love to see how your flag bouquet turns out. Join USFlagstore on FB and post them on our wall. In the meantime ...

Let it fly!

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